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The Bookmark
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The Bookmark


1.    The Bookmark (Chapter Three)
2.    Rising From Quicksand
3.    An Anthem For Certain Doom
4.    The Sandcastle Crusade
5.    Cloud Nine To Ground
6.    Cave-in
7.    “The Christmas Show” (Snowmen Assemble)

"The Bookmark can only be described as 'world-class'."

"No sign of sophomore slump... the quality more than makes up for the quantity of songs here, which are cohesive, listenable and just plain good."

"It’s pretty deferential fare as the home-grown trio continue to fine-tune their appropriation of contemporary indie-rock tropes."
—The Straits Times

"...less whimsical, but with a lot more wit. The Bookmark “marks” the start of the band’s bigger sound."

"A lil' relaxed, a lil' familiar, a lil' dark and a lil' friendly... a short but stout pop-rock chapbook that charts the band's progress."
—JUICE Magazine

The Uncanny Tree of Fractured Hearts
The Uncanny Tree Of Fractured Hearts
featuring the Peculiar Case of Janet Leno and other short stories
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1.    Prologue (The Uncanny Tree Of Fractured Hearts)
2.    Janet Leno
3.    The Great Excuse
4.    Last Forever
5.    When You’re Back
6.    Before I…
7.    …Fall For You
8.    Overdose
9.    Playground
10.    High
11.    Shards Of Glass
12.    Reminded
13.    Staggersaurus
14.    Epilogue (The Tree Lives! Long Live The Tree!)

“The songs are full of evocative lyrics and some nice melodic hooks. Last Forever sounds ready for radio airplay.”
—The Business Times

“…the music itself is packed with short catchy riffs, punchy rhythms and nice melodies.”

“…band with penchant for wistful melodies…debut is pure power-pop with tracks sure to strike a chord with 20-somethings.”

“…if most of the radio-listening populace of Singapore (and beyond) give this album a chance, they might find several of these tunes worming their way (insidiously) into their hearts.”

“The trio makes indie power-pop that is easy to the ears.”
—JUICE Magazine